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kidney transplant donor, organ recipient

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Kidney Exchange

Once a match is found, the transplant center(s) involved will review records and crossmatch to assure compatibility. Once approved, scheduling for the exchange can take place. If an exchange is happening between different transplant centers, most times the donor has surgery at the transplant center where they were evaluated, and the kidney is transported to the paired recipient’s transplant center for transplantation to take place.

In most cases, the recipient and the donor who entered the KPD Program together will have their surgeries the same day when there is an exchange. An exception to this is when a “chain” is started by a Non-Directed Donor (see figures 1 & 2). In these cases, the surgeries for the donor and recipient that entered the KPD Program together may not occur simultaneously. However, there is never a situation where a donor donates their kidney before their intended recipient receives one.