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frequently asked questions, biologictx paired exchange

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FAQ Paired Donor Exchange | Kidney Transplant Surgery


How long will I have to wait for a matching donor?

Although we are unable to predict when a matching donor will be found, your chance of finding a match is better if you are not sensitized. An individual can become sensitized due to having a previous transplant, multiple infections, blood transfusions or pregnancy.


How do I know if I’m sensitized?

A blood test is done to determine if a recipient is sensitized and if so, the degree of their sensitization. How strongly a recipients is sensitized helps a transplant center determine how difficult it may be to find an immunologically compatible donor.


Is there treatment or therapy I can receive if I am sensitized?

Yes! There are proven therapies that are used worldwide to help lower a transplant candidate’s immunological response and increase the chance of finding a suitable donor. This treatment is called “desensitization”. BiologicTx Outpatient Pharmacy and Nursing Services offers these treatments in the comfort of the home. Your transplant team will determine the need for desensitization therapy and if you’re a candidate.