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BiologicTx Paired Donation Program


BiologicTx takes a different approach to Kidney Paired Donation (KPD). It is universally understood how the addition of compatible pairs in a KPD program makes a significant impact and creates more and better opportunities for matches with incompatible pairs, yet there are significant drawbacks of doing so in a national system. Recognizing this, BiologicTx KPD program offers our advanced matching application to transplant centers for use in their individual institutions as a means to instantaneously evaluate potential pairings within their own system, greatly expanding living donor programs. In addition to the single center KPD approach, BiologicTx KPD sharing program offers the ability to consider potential pairings with other participating transplant centers regionally, and nationally, with on-the-fly automatic anonymization and aggregation features.


BiologicTx KPDs reach has expanded individual transplant programs by increasing their internal pairings as well as developing geographic cooperation, both domestically and internationally. The BiologicTx Paired Donation team is a highly specialized group of professionals supporting your transplant program’s needs.


The support team includes:


  • Technology Experts – Enhancements and upgrades to the software capabilities are never static

  • Medical and Scientific Review Board – Available to support and offer expertise

  • Clinical Support Staff – Provide training, tools, and assistance for exchanges, professional and patient/family education, desensitization identification with protocol assistance and follow-up